Blueprints & Permits

The process of design works through elevations and layout drawings for custom construction, it can take considerable more time to define the space exactly to the clients desires.

For subdivision homes, our predesigned homes still provide clients with the opportunity for non structural changes to the layout and look of their home.

Upon final approval, complete construction drawings including HVAC, & Truss layouts (and ICF layout, if applicable) are developed, and carefully reviewed to ensure everything meets our stringent standards.

The next step involves working with the building department to conduct a review. At Minchalet Homes, we often act on behalf of our clients to represent them at Minor Variance Council, as well as attending meetings with building officials. We feel this is a vital step as it enables us to establish a relationship with the building officials and understand their concerns or interests. This also saves our clients valuable time and money, if attending these meetings is inconvenient for them.

Upon approval, the drawings are stamped and construction begins!