Change Management

Many builders choose to not speak of change management during the sales process.And yet, it’s a reality of our business - inevitably, as clients move through the construction cycle, they see areas for refinement.

Whether it’s adding heat under the front entrance tiles or adding more pot lights, we believe that customers deserve the right to make adjustments during construction.

At Minchalet Homes, we feel it’s our obligation to provide a system that can track these changes, provide you with cost information, and ensure that in the end, you get your new home or cottage exactly as you desire. After all, nobody likes hidden surprises, especially when it comes to the construction of your new home or cottage.

The Certificate of Substancial Completion is a key document representing an important milestone in the construction of your home or cottage. It’s signed by both parties to agree that the project has been completed to expectations, and that any remaining minor items are detailed, attached and agreed for completion. The completion of this document commences the beginning of the 45 day lien period, after which a 10% holdback amount is collected