Consult & Design

An initial introductory phone call enables our team to better understand your requirements regarding design ideas, timing requirements, location, and budgets.

An honest dialogue enables both parties to determine if there is a suitable match.

Upon agreement, we begin the process with an initial Introductory Meeting - a chance for us to learn about your desires, your design ambitions, your budget, and any other special considerations. We’ll then arrange a site visit with you to discuss building location, grades, and design opportunities.

Construction budgets are then developed and presented in follow up meeting, and upon agreement, the formal design process begins. In addition, a legal contract is developed which details the scope and timelines for the project. This document serves as the administrative ‘backbone’ for the project, ensuring our commitments are documented and approved by our clients. A good contract is key to providing ‘peace of mind’ assurance that obligations are met, and requirements carefully detailed.

Our testimonials speak to the integrity of our company, and we believe that a well documented contract serves as the foundation for a successful project.