I.C.F (Insulated Concrete Form) construction is a remarkable building process which is steadily gaining ground in North America.

You may have seen the product - "Lego like" polystyrene blocks are assembled, and then filled with poured concrete. And while many builders shy away from the process, At Minchalet Homes, we’ve embraced it utilizing Amvic ICF. I.C.F construction offers many benefits over traditional masonry block or poured wall construction including:

  • Energy Efficiency - since the process provides for minimal, if any air leaks, ICF homes are more comfortable, less drafty, and have significantly reduced heat loss.
  • Strength – ICF Homes are up to 10 times stronger than traditional wood framed structures. They resist the forces of nature better, and Concrete and Polystyrene do not rot when they get wet.
  • Sound absorption - ICF walls have much lower rates of acoustic transmission, providing for quieter living environments.

ICF construction techniques can be utilized below grade for foundations, or to construct the entire shell of a new home or cottage. It is a premium building solution, and it may not be the right fit for everyone, but it’s something you should definitely consider...and one that your builder should offer.