My current home happened to be the first home I looked at, driving by - I stopped in and met Joanne. Being a first time home buyer, and relatively new to Peterborough, I didn't really have my heart set on anything yet. I had a very positive initial visit and felt no pressure (and I was even encouraged to "shop around" with the gentle hint that I won't find anything quite like this). Naturally, I wasn't going to buy the first home I happened to stop by at - even though I was tempted. After searching around, I began to realize that I was best suited to a semi-custom home where I could make the choices about finish quality and certain "must have's" that I was looking for. While I did check several other developers, I wasn't satisfied with the quality of work and left with a lack of a personal touch.

After deciding this home was what I wanted - my experience only became more positive. Having direct contact with the builder, being welcomed in to come by and ask questions and make requests as the project went along was fantastic. All of my requests - from "can you remove that window and blow out the side of the house for a sliding door?", "there has to be in-ceiling surround sound speakers" to "I need a hammock stand in the back" - were always met with a "no problem". As it came time to make choices on interior finishings - my stress level started to rise. What colour tiles? Kitchen cabinets? Hardwood floors? I remember losing sleep, worrying about these choices - which was completely unnecessary. I felt that each supplier I met was carefully guiding me, listening to what look I was going for, and helped me make decisions that would get me the home I wanted. I even recall picking out a tile and hardwood combo - which was met with a kind "are you sure...? I'm not sure those look good together"; after taking this persons tile advice, I'll be honest... I wasn't convinced - but I'd have to wait and see how the finished product looked.

After having picked out everything, and the closing date was set - I was shocked when I got the call from Geoff saying I could get into my house a few weeks early. On closing day, getting to the house - the whole crew was finishing up cleaning my house. It was spotless - I mean pristine. Seeing the finished product was amazing - everything had come together perfectly, and I was left with exactly what I wanted. Even the tile choice (that I had questioned), was a perfect match.

Now, nearly two years later, I am still so glad that I had made the choice to work with this company. Start to finish was a smooth process. I know it hasn't been that long - but the house still feels like it is in mint condition - no squeaky floors, everything feels as solid as the day I got my keys. The quality is there, which I found was not always the case when I was on my house hunt. In short, couldn't be happier with my choice in builder and my home.


It has been a pleasure working with Frank and Geoff Boniakowski of Minchalet Homes since 2006.

As their electrical sub trade, we appreciate their professionalism when interacting with our company, other sub trades and inspectors during the entire process.

Frank and Geoff are dedicated to their projects and use a sincere and friendly hands on approach with their clients from start to finish.

Minchalet Homes deserve the reputation they have earned for quality craftsmanship and personalized service.

I would not hesitate to recommend Minchalet Homes for anyone building a home.

Doug Peachey
Access Electric
Peterborough ON

The co-heads of Minchalet, Frank & Geoff Boniakowski are true craftsmen at the building trade. Many tradespeople may call themselves “craftsmen”, but in the case of Minchalet it’s an actuality. They share a great sense of house design and explore new avenues in construction. The key element of Minchalet is vocalizing their thoughts and suggestions in clear, detailed, and understandable manner. It has always been a pleasure dealing with Minchalet over the years. Fersina Windows highly recommends Minchalet to those pursuing the dream of constructing their new home.

Dave Hawkins
Sales Manager
Fersina Windows

My experience with MinChalet Homes was overall good. Having a home built can be stressful, but I doubt much of that stress is unavoidable no matter what builder you choose. Geoff and his team worked closely with me though to make sure that as the home was being built I got exactly what I wanted, and in the few instances where I didn't due to construction error, they made up for it with agreeable substitutes. The quatlity of the home is quite good, I've been in mine for a year now and have had no issues arise with the structure of the home, and I very much enjoy the look of the home which Geoff's team built for me.

Lee Trotter

We were very happy with the quality of construction and the timeliness with which Geoff and Minchalet Homes completed the construction of our new home. Geoff and his crew were very meticulous with their workmanship and respectful of our project. The project was completed exactly within the time frame projected.

Derek and Myrna Ellis